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Claims for Animal Research (vivisection) Refuted & Rebutted.

Dr. Emil Levin refutes the American Heart Association's claims that animal research led to advances in human medicine.

Below is a scan (image files) of the Booklet "Cardiac Arrest" by Dr Emil Levin M.D. It is an enlightening refutation of the claims made by the American Heart Association regards their use of animal research-testing-experiments-vivisection. Dr Levin explains that the medical advances came from scientific observation & treatment of humans and did not rely on animal research.

You can download a PDF copy of the Cardiac Arrest booklet via this link.

You can also find a copy of it on the Issuu site at this account titled Vivisection Debunked.

Part 1 ~ Part 2

Cardiac-Arrest-00-Title-Refutations-of-the-Unscientific-Animal-Experiments-Testing-Research-claims-by American-Heart-Association.jpg

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Cardiac-Arrest-01-Preface-Refutations-of-the-Unscientific-Animal-Experiments-Testing-Research-claims-by American-Heart-Association.jpg

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Cardiac-Arrest-02-Introduction-Refutations-of-the-Unscientific-Animal-Experiments-Testing-Research-claims-by American-Heart-Association.jpg

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Part 1 ~ Part 2




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