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Introduction: Italian Congress voted to outlaw vivisection on scientific grounds.

In November 1984, the Italian Parliament voted with a clear majority for a motion requesting the government to prohibit all animal experiments for scientific reasons (as explained below). Unfortunately, although the majority of the Italian Parliament twice voted to abolish animal research, based on scientific and medical evidence, the vote was over-ruled by a government controlled by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

This November 8 1989 congress of doctors and former animal researchers was held to remind the politicians of their duty. Quotes from some of the participating doctors and scientists are provided below. Also see this article: Doctors Against Vivisection for similar information.

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Doctor's Statements against the Fraud of Animal Research:

Dr Werner Hartinger, MD, surgeon in West-Germany with specialization in traumatic surgery:

"If the maladies continue to increase in spite of sacrifice of billions of laboratory animals, then it is obvious that the methodology employed on animals by medical research is erroneous...

All our knowledge on the reactivity of the human organism derives from the experiences made with man and not from what we learned with experiments done on animals. Also the lawmaker shares this opinion; in fact, to be licensed for marketing, each drug or therapy must be preventively tested in clinical studies made on humans, regardless of the results obtained in previous animal tests...

More than 1600 chemical substances have been licensed for use in the alimentary industries [the food industries]. An equal number for cosmetics and about as many for household products. Furthermore, a practically unlimited number is permitted for pharmaceutical products. All these substances end up without any control in our organism, and nothing is known of their cumulative effect.

It is interesting that many of those substances, which animal tests have revealed to be toxic - such as formaldehyde, dioxin, asbestos and many others - are still allowed to be marketed under the pretext that animal tests mean nothing!

There are only two reasons for sustaining the notion of the necessity of animal experimentation: either one is not sufficiently informed about it, or else one profits by it.

Medical historian Hans Ruesch in conversation with Dr Werner Hartinger

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Prof. Dr. Bruno Fedi, MD, anatomical-pathologist, having specialized in urology, gynecology, cancerology, lecturer certified at Rome University, Head of the Civic Hospital of Terni, Italy:

"The title of this Congress bestows on us the task to demonstrate that vivisection is not scientifically valid; that a concept which has universally been accepted as apparently exact, is false. We can't now examine all the motives for vivisection. We must limit ourselves to the scientific aspect, so that public opinion and the best representatives of our citizens may learn the facts and promote laws that will advance scientific progress, for the benefit of everybody, and not only of certain lobbies or industries.

The proofs against vivisection are:

1) Genetic proofs: no animal has an identical number of genes and the relationship between them as has man.

2) Pharmacological proofs: 70% of the more than 20,000 drugs produced have been withdrawn because of side-effects [that had not been observed in animals].

3) Surgical proofs: commonly employed surgical techniques, according to a great number of leading surgeons of the past and present and also my personal experience, have been learned and perfected through the experience with man (prostatectomy, vasectomy, hysterectomy, cistectomy etc.)

4) Anatomist-pathological proofs: the link between smoking and cancer, between alcohol and cyrrhosis of the liver, between diet and artherosclerosis, and many other observations, have all been discovered through man.

5) Epidemiological and statistical proofs: they have all been obtained through man.

6) Proofs deriving from practical observation: the effect of anabolising substances on athletes, the effect of Periactin, of Thalidomide, of Paraquat etc. have all been done on man.

7) Basic discoveries for today's medicine (X-Rays etc.) were made without the use of animals.

Why then does the vivisectionist method continue? Not for scientific reasons, but for legal and for economic reasons. Vested interests are creating a drug-dependent society. The political parties must not allow the present scientific anarchy to continue. The Members of Parliament should be concerned with unsound medical practice and therefore may not allow vivisection to continue. We are not against science, but against bad science."

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Prof. Pietro Croce, MD, former animal researcher of 30+ years, lecturer certified at Milan University, Italy, member of the College of American Pathologists, long time researcher at the L. Sacco Hospital of Milan, in the USA and Spain:

"There are two or more solutions to every problem and the obvious solution is often the most erroneous. Science is not a dogma. On the contrary. It must be debatable, it must always be conscious of its own potential fallaciousness, otherwise it degenerates into scientism. And this has happened to modern medicine, which has become a religion. I repeat: Science is not a dogma. On the contrary. To remain alive it must be accompanied by continuous confutation, step by step, until the moment arrives for a total confutation, for a "great passage". In medicine, the moment for such a passage has now come.

The basis of our thought is the following: no animal can be an experimental model for any other species. Great tragedies have occurred because this self-evident truth has been ignored. We don't even have to recall all those many tragedies. Suffice it to mention that in a span of just three years, between 1984 and 1987, 14,836 toxic effects from medicines have been revealed and the health authorities have been obliged to withdraw from the market 22,621 drug combinations.

We remain steadfast in our affirmation that a methodological error remains always an error, from the day of its birth until it passes away. Some results obtained with animals and human beings have coincided. That's inevitable. But then it's always been just that: a coincidence, ascertainable after the fact only."

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Louis De Brouwer, MD, noted researcher and medical author, France:

"Nowadays the media talk a lot about pollution of the planet. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Why don't they include the most dangerous form of pollution - medical drugs? Anti-hypertension drugs cause enduring damage and allergic reactions; not found in laboratory animals. At least one third of patients suffer side-effects, including cardiovascular failure....

The pharmaceutical industry controls governments by their contributions to their political campaigns... Vivisection is a legal system which allows the pharmaceutical companies to market harmful products.... It is an unscientific practice and should be outlawed, but this is prevented by financial interests, largely Swiss banks. Banks and the pharmaceutical industry dominate Switzerland....

Apart from the differences between the various species, individuals vary within the same species...

Patients are the victims of pollution by the pharmaceutical laboratories. Drugs produce almost as many victims as pesticides, which are used without control, causing food pollution.

No wonder there is increasing disease throughout the world. We are all victims of general pollution. We are all at the mercy of politicians and the pharmaceutical industry...."

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Arie Brecher, MD, head pediatrician in Holon, Israel:

"The abolition of vivisection must be total. In a single year in the USA one and a half million people have been hospitalized because of side effects from drugs, which had all been preventively tested on animals.

Animals are completely different from humans and no animal species can serve as an experimental model for man. Each animal has a genetic code of its own, which is a fixed datum and characteristically unique in each species. For this reason, a method that is based on the similarity between the species, while there are differences, different genetic codes, can only lead medical science into error. The mouse, the dog, the monkey, even when they are placed into the same environment, don't contract the same maladies. There simply can be no medical progress based on animal tests...

The general belief in their usefulness is the result of the brain-wash conducted on public opinion for a long time. There are more than four hundred methods of medical research that do not require animals.

But far more important than any research is prevention. And prevention is being practically ignored by the medical organization because it costs little or nothing. We must change method and we must change the law. We must have aboIition, and it has to be total."

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Gerhard Buchwald, MD, Director of the Park-Sanatorium of Bad-Steben, West Germany, witness in more than 150 court trials about vaccination damages:

"Vaccines have never had the proclaimed preventive effect on infections. The regression of infectious diseases started over 200 years ago, which means long before the introduction of vaccination, and it was due to the improved social conditions of the population: nutrition and hygiene.

Contrarily to general belief, the vaccinations have had a negative influence on the decrease of the infective maladies and mortality. Statistics started off at a period when the infectious diseases were already on the downgrade. Careful studies over a period of many years have revealed that each introduction of a mass vaccination has obtained only one result: the immediate recrudescence of the malady that the vaccine should have prevented, but which it has solicited instead. The temporary but immediate isolation of infected patients has each time proved sufficient to prevent an epidemic.

After every flare-up of an infection due to vaccination, the maladies have resumed the downward course which existed already before the vaccination. In general and over a period of many years, every vaccination has caused more casualties than the infection it was supposed to prevent. This happened for instance with the smallpox vaccination in Germany and many other countries... Vaccines don't protect, but do harm. A scientific proof of their usefulness has never existed, whereas the severe, sometimes fatal damages they cause are a proven fact."

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Bernhard Rambeck, MD, Director of the biochemical laboratory of the Institute for Research on Epilepsy of Bielefeld, Germany:

"We don't intend to abolish neither science nor medicine, because mankind needs them today more than ever before. But medical science has blundered into an impasse from which it has to get out. Medicine has become an administrator of symptoms, having forgotten what its role is: to prevent and cure diseases. The erroneous mechanistic concept of health has deviated research from the right road.

Epilepsy artificially produced in an animal with mechanical and violent means is in no way comparable to human epilepsy, which arises from within, spontaneously, and has usually more than one cause, usually also including psychic reasons, which can't be reproduced in an animal. This explains why the various substances with which we can sedate or diminish epileptic attacks in animals - of course, after provoking them artificially - not only don't obtain similar results in man, but are on the contrary total failures. In spite of enormous investments in research, the promised breakthroughs have not been realized and there has been no significant progress wherever animal models have been employed.

While we fiddle with animal brains, we forget every case is individual. More emphasis should be placed on teaching patients to reduce or interrupt seizures, and on diet and relaxation. Animal experiments also prevent us drawing conclusions from the spontaneous recoveries."

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Hans Ruesch, author and medical historian:

"I haven't prepared a paper to read, because I first wanted to hear what the other speakers would say. In fact I heard that various bills on vivisection are at present under study, of which four are regulationist and one abolitionist. I can assure you that any kind of regulation is totally useless, so we shouldn't waste the time of MPs and the money of taxpayers discussing it.

The strictest regulatory law ever designed to curb vivisection was enacted in Great Britain in 1876, when the animal experiments numbered about 300 a year. Under this strict law, the experiments rose year after year, until they reached the macabre total of five and a half million, at least 85 percent of them performed without anesthesia.

Our adversaries deride these figures, affirming that many experiments are done without anesthesia because they imply a mere pinprick. But that's misleading, because the purpose of most pinpricks is to inflict some mortal malady to the animal, a sacrifice that is furthermore totally useless, because it is impossible to transmit to an animal a human malady. This is a hard biological fact; And for this reason it is impossible to learn from an animal how to cure human maladies. So if we want to waste time with idle discussions, let's talk about regulations. But if we really want to change something in order to improve not only the fate of animaIs but especially of humans, by reforming modern medicine, then let's talk abolition.

I've heard it said that the Italian law, which dates from 1931, is the worst. I've also heard it said that in some countries there are some very good legislations. But all those laws are equally bad because they affirm the usefulness of vivisection, that doesn't exist. The moment you admit that vivisection is useful for man there can be no restraint, no limit to it. Here all look up to England and America as examples to follow, but as far as vivisection is concerned these two countries are by far the worst in the world - where the infiltration by our adversaries has reached perfection. Especially Britain, where the entire anti-vivisectionist movement is directed by the Vivisection Syndicate. Three years ago a new bill was enacted in Great Britain, which is even worse than the old one. More and more experiments need no longer be reported, and at the same time vivisection is being introduced into the so-called undeveloped countries, meaning the as yet unexploited countries.

A while ago in the lobby, a lady challenged me to denounce the journallsts for their silence, to blame them for not spreading more information about vivisection. But she was wrong. Most of the Italian public knows what happened to my book when it came out in 1976. The journalists spread it all over the country as no other book before. They did what they felt like doing. But within a few weeks the book was withdrawn by its own publisher, the Rizzoli publishing empire, which was owned, and still is, by Montedison, the chemical multinational.

We can blame the press, but not the journalists. Their service to us can only be sporadic, a flash in the pan. They are on a payroll, and so they must obey the boss. For some time now Italy's principal daily, Corriere della Sera, and its popular subsidiaries, are propagandizing the obscene head-transplant experiments of the American Doctor Robert While, as if they were not useless, but as if they had even moral merit, and show pictures of the doctor receiving the accolade from the Pope for his achievement...What's the purpose of this? To desensitise the public, which must gradually get used to this kind of scenes, and to accept them sheepishly as "Science".

However, as Prof. Croce has illustrated, all this is not Science, but "scientism" - a degeneration of Science, a malformed offspring of it, born in France more than a century ago, which made our self-styled scientists believe that if we infect animals with AIDS - which can't be done - then we can learn from them how to cure humans of AIDS, which can't be done either.

Speaking of AIDS: it was created in the animal laboratories by the incompetence of the pseudo-scientists who direct "modern medicine". This view was officially voiced for the first time by Russia's news broadcasts in 1985, and of course previously by CiVIS medical experts like Dr. Gustave Mathieu of France. They have meanwhile become so numerous that the question as to whether AIDS was born in the animal laboratories or not is no longer a moot point. It was."

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Excerpt from the 1986 documentary Hidden Crimes regards - The Money Issue - how vivisection researchers approve each others grants - wasting our taxpayer dollars on unscientific work.

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The above quotes are from "CIVIS International Foundation Report Nr. 8", WINTER 1989 - 1990, Address: PO Box 152- Via Motta 51 - CH-69OO Massagno - Switzerland, CIVIS (Centro Informazione Vivisezionista Internazionale Scientifica)

Note - You can download this book for free:
"1000 Doctors (& many more) Against Vivisection" (download the full book in PDF for free)

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See the MOVIE: Lethal Medicine
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